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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
P Ferguson

Ancient Mediterranean History Lecture 8: Greece in the Dark, Archaic and Classical Ages (1100-387 BCE) 1 • Podcast Manuscript -materials, construction, surface treatment, etc. -situate in Mediterranean perspective Greece in the Dark and Archaic Ages (1100-500 BCE) • A New Society in the Dark Age -heroic ideals are gone, literacy, bureaucracy -idea that there were great kings in Greece (classical) remained • Basileus’ House 950 BCE -open court oat one side and fenced in; king and queen buried in centre and in another pit 2 horses and trappings • Dark Age Migrations -Dorian Invasion: individ’s from south were ancestors of Ionians; non-myceneans come in (same lang. and greek); myceneans b/come Athenian and (recording 18) • Homer and Dark Age Society -epic poems of homer are two of many epic cycles/legends of heroes circ. during dark ages -oral tradition of Achilles/Odysseus had been passed down by bards telling stories - using stock phrases, recycling materials; no two stories would be 1:1 therefore elements of dark age crept into these stories (of a much earlier time; should be kings vs. cheiftans) • The End of the Dark Ages -rise in pop. contact w/ more civilized pop’s: e.g. Cadmus taught the Greeks to write • The Archaic Period -re-inventing art, learning to write • Sympoliteia: The Case of Attica -small towns/villages run by Baileus in dark ages start to become city-states e.g. Athens -citizen born in Loriam - Athenian not Loriam *Sparta always more distributed in comp. to Athens • Social Divisions in Early poeis *oligrokie - rule by the wrrking all *Naucratis - there by allowance from Egyptian good; raw materials of products extracted fr9m • Cyrene -1 adult f/ main cityt t9sutdy 9tehs (recording 41) • Panhellenism *Greece as an idea had not been a/r yet; wherever there were Grecians, it was Greece e.g. great a/m of Grecians living in southern Italy -anyone who didn’t speak Greece - Barbarians (babbling on “bar, bar, bar”) • The Olypic Games -all individual sports -running, jumping, javelin, ultimate fighting, riding chariots important for war; training at gym was in prep. for life as a soldier -in the day ev/o did reg. job (baker, butcher etc.) and then went to gym • Hesiod -Theogony and Works and Days -Works and Days: was a Mesoi (indep. free farmers) and thought he was treated out of fair share of land from brother book depicts class conflicts; works and days was against aristocrat • Homosexuality Ancient Mediterranean History Lecture 8: Greece in the Dark, Archaic and Classical Ages (1100-387 BCE) 2 -older and younger man form a mentor-war relationship that involved
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