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Lecture 6

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P Ferguson

Ancient Mediterranean History Lecture 6: Iron Age Empires - Assyria, Babylonia, Persia (850-500 BCE) 1 • The Neo-AssyrianEmpires -by controlling the Middle East (large area & nation’s w/i) - pachs assyriana? -time of peace, not necc. f/ periphery peoples -west + north  later expanded to south -God, City, Civilization called Assur *horn - priests/sign of divinity *Egyptians counted penises and right hands Assyrians counted heads of the defeated -to break the will and means to fight  mass deportations of defeated, espec. of ruling peoples -Hezekia built a tunnel to get access to water in Gihon Spring (located outside of city walls) to bring water into city in prep. of siege (rebelled against the Assyrians and so they came after him) -Assyrian perspective: they were paid in gold, silver etc b/c Assyrians won -Israelite perspective: Israelites won - God slew 150, 000 people? • The Sucessors of the Assyrians (605-550 BCE) The New Babylonian Empire/Chaldeans (Southern Meso.; Old Akkad) -Babylonian art more “serene” than Assyrian (South Meso. only had mud and water, a lot of mat’s didn’t last; no stone) -breaking spirits, removed from people; put in alien enviro. & stopping resources Exile of Judahites *until this time Judahites worshipped Jehovah (Yah
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