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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Arvind Sharma

Week 8 The Scramble for Africa Africa served as a refueling coast midway from Europe to AmericasExtending into interior of Africa Importance on international trade routes pg 65 phabePart 1 Europe and AfricaPhase 1 European EmpiresAfricaAfrica source of trading goods fortstrading posts set up at coast of west AfricaMostly Spanish and portugeuse traders would buy African goods and take back to own land Slave trademost important economic factor of this phaseGoods entering Africa from the European side in exchange for slavesChanges European settlersresource conflictsDutch settlers from Holland migrated to newly discovered section of Africa because of religious differences with Dutch establishment of that timeEuropean farmers Dutch settled in these areas with European methods of agriculture customs and strong religious faith and increasingly potential to violently clash with AfricansConflicts over land and resourcesBoers political conflict with the BritishGreat Trek of 1835 forced to live under British controlconflict with Bantu and the Zulus and the British o Boers trekking further into the interior areas of Africa
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