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Lecture 5

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Arvind Sharma

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Week 5Irish victims of the British empire but also ProtestantismClose and distant to the british stateMany events influenced the distance between Ireland and British stateRivalry in terms of religion between England and spainIreland becomes the divide in religious and classIrish peasantry loyalty went to the popeclergyAngloirish protestantIrelandthe British State Phase 1English troops sent by english kings and queens to Ireland to colonizePlantations est by englishscottish lords in ulster and manor etc denote a settlement in Ireland established people to work thereProtestant settlers from upper classland lords some absentee landlordsangloirish gentry started thinking about themselves as irish over time but different because theyre protestant and often more educated and wealthyIrish peasantry exploited by landlords justified peasants not capable of anything else theyre lazy ignorant dirty etc no use spending money on them like educationSituation that runs along the line of religion and ethnicityTwo groups of irishthe peasantry protestant and the upper class well educated irishFormal Union Ireland as a part of Britain Phase 2Act of union british isles finally constitutedEngland Scotland and wales100 years later formal union of Ireland becoming a part of british parlimanet from 18011922After the reign of the steward kings parliament emerged and had more political powerKing advised by PM and cabinet reported directly to the parliamentUpper class people in Ireland who could vote not a full representation of irelandNo economic or admin integrationwhile Ireland was part o
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