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Lecture 2

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Arvind Sharma

YEAR TWO FALL 1HISB02 THE BRITISH EMPIRE A SHORT HISTORY LECTURE ONE THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND ITS RELEVANCE Why the British EmpireTBE controlled a quarter of the world during 1500s1900sAsia Africa Americas Caribbean Antipodes British IslesEmpires role in globalizationmultidirectional movementsMovements and currents of people good ideasglobalizationMultidirectional movements o ie Slaves shipped to Caribbean also back to Britain o ie Englishbecame an academic subject in Britishruled India eventually moved to BritainEmpire a great transcultural phenomena of the modern world which profoundly influences our lives today LECTURE TWO EARLY EMPIREChanging identities dominion of Canada Canadian nation etcIdentities change over time also multiple identitiesBritish subjects but diverse groups ie Anglophone first nations and freed blacksClash between the different identitieslaunched movements to cast old identity as British subjectsMultiple identities first nations francophone etcnew identity as commonwealth free independent nationEmpire as both unifying and divisiveo Unhappy British subjects creating riotso International crisis today Ethnic fights in Africa etco British Commonwealth etco English languageo The sport Cricket How Empire saw its OthersHow the elites of British Empire saw its others colonized subject of the empire less powerful position compared with the stakeholders of the empireCategorized the new world as nonChristiansbut overtime as European ideas of culture and religion evolved it became more secularized and religion was not a big factorChristiansnonChristianstho Dominant in 15 centurySlaves and inferiors tho 1819 century more secularizedo Slavery comes to be a important economic political cultural phenomenonpeople were coming up with reasons why it was right to treat other people like slavesRacism Prejudice and science tho Mid19 century YEAR TWO FALL 2o Consciousness of race differenceo By Vic era scientific proof to natural division of people according to raceOrientalism Ways of perceivingo The way it sees particular parts of the world East of Orientslaves WATCHED ALADDIN VIDEOLyrics enforce prejudicesheat dust camels faraway landsGeneralized oriental viewdescription can apply to India Egypt etc Eroticized Richard Burton an explorer first white man to enter Macau and wrote about it many stories originate from this orientalistBritish Empire Typologies Various ways of classifying the BEAngloSaxon Empireadvantage of bringing together the Britain and Americans First and Second British Empires Chronological order o Second in Asian India AmericansTrading Empire and Empire Rule started to be traders moved to be rulers Formal and informal Empires o Regions where the flag actually flew o Informal is like china where the western powers did not rule but they dictated the terms that occurred in those areas Note Samson TBEDalziel PHABE textbooks largely chronological approach Primary Sources for HistoriansA primary sources is one that gives firsthand info about a time perioddirect or original sourceie eyewitness account image or document from that particular time Secondary Sources for HistoriansA secondary source is a document or recording that discusses information originally presented elsewhereInvolve generalization analysis synthesis interpretation or evaluation of primary sources and other secondary sources Part One Early Empires of the Sea Making Britain and the Early Empire of the SeaBritain itself was being constituted as a space identity A royal merger that says England Ireland Scotland Wales merge to form Early Modern EnglandTheir internal relationships which was most dominant o England was the most prosperous politically dominantYEAR TWO FALL 3o A welsh family the Tudors that first brought Wales and England together Scotland Stuart that joined England and Scotland o England was the cultural dominant entity o Scots and English played an important role in the empire o Not all these were voluntary migration Irelandforced tho Ireland was a colony many ScotsBrits moved to Ireland in 16 century after a while turned into Ireland However their ideas may differ from true Irish o Lots of peoplesettler from EnglandScotland settled in Ireland became nationalists ex Of multiple and changing identityNew worldAtlantic linkagestrade and plantations o Elite and subaltern settlerso New world settled with elites who enjoyed royal patronage o Government gave them a royal charter for them to create colonyplantation one catchalready had people therenew world to be discovered o The people already there labeled as primitive salvages to justify the eventual genocideMercantilism View Next Lecture Document AnalysisDoc 6 Hakluyt Discourse of Western Planting 1585 Account of western plantingcreating a plantationcolonyWritten expressing for virgin queenVirginia Richard Hakluyt 15521616 o Well known famous o Wrote a number of books dealt with new world adventures o Urged the Brits to expand outwards o Scholar priest learned courtier investor in Virginia Company of Londono An early supporter of English colonization in North America TudorStuart era o Came from an established uppermiddle class family o His book aimed to convince Queen Elizabeth I to support the colonization schemes of Sir Walter Raleigh and to encourage English merchants and gentry to invest o Polemics on economic political and religious gains o Dealt with new world issues and urged the British to expand outwards of Europe o His aim was to circulate amongst the rich to invest and convince them of the excitement and economic potential of the new worldlaunched a set of arguments making religious and economic gains through colonies Doc 17 Hamor A True Discourse of the Present Estate of Virginia 1614Who was Ralph Hamor o Less known died 1626 o One of the early Virginia colonists captain of one of the ships that went out to Virginia o Not an influential voice like Hakluyt
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