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Lecture 5

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Vick Ciocani

Week 5 & 6 Notes Athens Artemison is the famous temple where coins were found (gold and silver), also an excavation at Argo’s temple revealed large bundle of iron spits as well (giving coins and taking spits in return) Pisistratus was accepted into society and into the Aristocracy however when he died and his sons took his place, they were not liked. They were disliked by the other leaders, and his son Hipparchus was killed by Harmodius. With the help of the Spartans, one of the famous families was thrown into exile (end of tyranny) Athenians become scared of tyranny and do whatever it took to prevent such things to happen again. They introduced Ostracism (Ostrakon) where once a year all the citizens would cast a vote on who would be exiled for 10 years. Cleisthenes reformed the previous system of laws of Solon. Just like Solon was trying to create a more democratic institution where the power would be help by the people. He divided the tribes into 10 different groups. He wanted to strengthen the power of the army as well (enlisting the large number of citizens into the army) (510 was the end of tyranny). The rise of Persia Assyrian army was the largest army at the time. The catalyst for the Persian war was the conflict between Lydia and Persia. When Cambyses dies in 522, there seems to be a power struggle in the city as to who should rule. A man who is not related to the previous leader, Darius, takes the lead. Darius created a road system which heigh
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