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Chapter nine

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jody Cundy

A Brief History of Ancient of Greece Chapter Nine KEY TERMS:  Academy: The school founded by Plato at Athens during the 380s BC in the groves sacred to the hero Academus. Its most famous pupil was Aristotle. The Academy continued to function until the Christian emperor Justinian ordered it closed, along with other pagan schools, in AD 529.  Aristotle:  Artaxerxes:  Corinthian war: Corinth and Thebes were frustrated with Sparta, because they got nothing from the warm and Sparta liking of interfere in domestic governments caused an alarm. This caued Thebes and Corinth to combine with Athens. T  Dicsateries: Femocratic courts at Athens. A dicasterion was composed of hundreds of adult male citizens chosen by lot from those belonging to the pool of jurors known as the heliacal Both the last-minute element of the choice and the large size of the juries discouraged bribery, especially since Athenian court cases had to be decided in a single day and there was no appeal from its decisions. Beginning around the middle of the fifth century, jurors received a small amount of pay for their services.  Epaminondas:  Lyceum: The school founded by Aristotle in Athens in 335 BC. It became a major center for scientific study, and Aristotle's pupils also collected the constituti
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