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A Brief History of Ancient of Greece Chapter Seven KEY TERMS Acropolis Literally the upper city the fortress of a city or town It was a feature common in many poleis relied for protection on a fortified citadel from which one could see far into the distance In Athens it was a spiritual focus Because of its height and location it was to home early rulers chief gods and legendary Athenian heroesAgoraIn Homer the term for the place of gathering the assembly of the people In the citystate period it denoted the public space of a city or town being both the marketplace and civic center Lingering in the agora was the best way to inform oneself about public affairs make business contacts and collect gossip Aeschylus One of the only works that survived the fifth century He was first of the famous tragedians of the fifthcentaury Athens He wrote the trilogy Oresteia Corcyra In the civil war between the democrats and oligarchs the democrats were seeking help form corcyrs Doric Order One of the principal architectural styles of the Classical period The structure was massive solid and plaine Epidamnus It is a colony in which the held a civil war between the democrats and oligarchs Erechtheion Multiuse ionic building Sacred to Poseidon Erecthesus and Athena Polias Because of the Peloponnesian War it may have never finned being decoratedEuripides One of the only works that survived the fifth century He wrote medea and Antigone His works often compared the contrast between reason and passion Herodotus One of the works that survived in its entirety He wrote the history of the Persian War He wanted to understand human nature Hippocrates Ionic Order One of the principal architectural styles of the C
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