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Rowena Alfonso

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The rise of 2-5505617-b30tut2 - ld and pass society to politics this week 1820-40- the rise of mass politics - using techniques (new) to advertise call this the rise of democracy - for whom? it was for white men- named Andrew Jackson - old social hierarchy was falling apart - ex) gentleman - the rise of more democratic form of religion, deckling property - print culture - Americans had high rates of literacy - 1820 everyone good read and write. more newspapers, novels, personal letters (the rise of print culture) it was democratizing experience - women and men were getting a hold of new types of texts - they were learning to read/thinking to think for themselves - religion - Baptist and Mormons (rise), voting - the most democratic shift - every state got rid of the qualification to vote ex) they did not need to own property, they opened the vote for all white men who were becoming age earnings. many of these state took away - market revolution: -1820s- a political system changed - the ideal of upward mobility was one way to hang on to the idea of equality and hang on to the market revolion - andrew jackson - created new order of a 2 party system and mass political participation -1767 he was born, both parents died, studied law, became one of the largest land owners. engaged in slave traded, he found opp. slavery and native defeat presented an opportunity, he became a national hero in the battle of new Orleans. 1) federalist and democratic - this was the first 2 parties before him but later the f began to fade 1) the panic of 1819- first major nationwide economic depression in the his of the US. failure of the new market revolution. many ppl blamed the banks for this downfall. the second bank was seen as a treat - ruined many farmers and Aristion, they named it the MONSTER 2) missiouri crises - solved by the M compromise - missouri union as a slave, maine enters as a free state, slavery excluded from Louisiana territory new party emerged, national party, democratic - they liked the market as long as it ensured equality amongst white men - they did not like how it helped out non producers like bank - he served 2 terms he did 2 things a) killed the second bank of the us. b) engaged in a show down with southerners - the wig party) image of the democratic party - election of 1840 - they invented the kind of 2 party system that we know today. it will serve to keep the union together The Old South Slavery in Cotton Boom - Economy Part 2 of the lecture - enslaved ppl were cen
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