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Lecture 4

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American History Lecture Four: Virginia and Maryland Continued Indentured Servants • Sold labor for 6-8 years in an indentured contract. You are given a master and you work with them for a while. After that time you get freedom, free entrance to America, and Room and Board. • It was hard work, and many people died. They did the same things as slaves, but it was voluntary. Their contracts could not be sold. Chesapeake Society • Tobacco was the main thing sold. It was different because it destroyed the land, so every few years you had to move to a different area to farm. It made a lot of money, but things like the concept of towns weren’t that common. Virginia had very little towns. • Many plantation owners owned more land than others, creating a hierarchy. They also lived in a very fragmented society. It was very spread out, and very young and male dominant. No one in Virginia and Maryland lived long. 45 was the life expectancy. This kept the workers young. Men outnumber females 5 to 1. This creates marriage problems. • In 1660 tobacco prices start to fall, and more and more people are opening plantations. Virginia is heading for an explosion, which hits in 1676. Bacon’s Rebellion • Bacon was
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