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American History to the Civil War: Introduction Main Themes in the Course • Diversity  Ethnic/Racial and Regional • Democracy The uncertain rise • Power Diversity Summary • Columbus comes from Europe and thinks he is in India. Brits end up taking over but the locals start a revolution and form a republic. Not long after they collapse into a Civil War. • There are many Indigenous societies before Columbus shows up. • There were also many other explorers besides Columbus, such as the French, English, Portuguese, and forced migrants from Africa. • By the end of the 1840s, many immigrants come from Asia to the Western United States. • A LOT of people come to America for reasons of conquest, and for reasons of enslavement. • By the end of the American Revolution we see an Anglo-American society. The term “white” was created, used as a way to differ themselves from Africans and Indigenous people. • It takes a social and physical war to turn the United States away from collapsing on itself in the Civil War. Democracy Summary • American History can be seen as the rise of Democracy. It was not an easy process, as there were a lot of twists and turns along the
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