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Lecture 6

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American History Lecture 7: The Spectrum of Settlement Economic Spectrum • New England is a colony set around farming, and therefore many people from Ireland, Scotland, and England come over. There are a lot of hard workers, so no real slaves come to New England because children are helping. • Slaves were the core of the economy in Virginia, as they helped with the tobacco farming that brought in the money. • The Caribbean was the core of the slave trade, as the slaves were brought here and traded and sold to other planters. Cotton was also picked here, so it had a booming economy. The more north you got, the less reliant on slavery colonies were. Religious Spectrum • New England was a very serious religious colony, but the moral standards were higher, along with the vast variety of religions (Quakers, etc.). There was more clergymen in New England than anywhere else in North America (1 for every 600). They frowned on gambling and parties. Towns are built around parishes, making it the mos
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