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Lecture 7

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American History Lecture Seven: The Coming of a Revolution Midterm • Monday October 21 st • Part I – 3-5 minutes (10% of grade). Put the following events in following order. Five events, earliest to most recent. • Part II – 10 minutes (20% of grade). Identify and explain two of six. Be as specific as possible and explain the significance to the course. • Part III – 30-35 minutes (70% of grade). Answer one of the three essay questions. Draw from both readings and lectures to argue your points. Trends Toward Integration • England started buying many things, sending their imports up. Clothing was very popular to buy from England. London was the centre of fashion, but colonials would still buy those clothes. Books were also popular, since literacy rates go up and avid readers were snagging reading material. • The enlightenment thinking was very popular in this time, and it is for people who believe in a ra
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