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Christine Berkowitz

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Morning in America: Politics, Power and a New World Order Monday, March 25, 2013 12:09 PM Key Terms; Détente, SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty), OPEC & Energy Crisis, Stagflation, Rustbelt, Iran Hostage Crisis, Busing, Jerry Fallwell & the moral majority, Stonewall riot, Supply-side economics or trickle down theory, Concession bargaining, Air Traffic Controllers Strike, Iran Contra Scandal, INF Arms Reduction Theory Regeneration of the Right Nixon and the Crisis of Confidence Reagan and the Conservative Ascendancy  1970s, we see a recession o Economy had been growing steadily since the 1940s  1970s, gas shortage o Middle East place embargo on US for supporting Israel  Rise of the right is also conincident with a decline in confidence in the electorate and their gov't  Conservatives don't undo all the social service programs  Nixon is also involved in the 'WaterGate' scandel o He would keep tapes of everything that goes on in his office  Ended up being his downfall  He had some good too  First president to China  Helped start the thaw of the Cold War  Stagflation; High inflation and high unempl
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