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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Neville Panthaki

L07 Russia removed from European stability equation - destroyed Metternichs concept - dictate own policy without diplomatic solution to others - war = destabilizing European nations began to pursue own self interest over collectively exercise of conflict option rather than diplomacy - instead of trying to stop war, war was effectively made on element of diplomacy - used war to solve problems Crimean War - French, British, Austrian, Ottomans versus Russia - emergenceformation of nations by force (Italy and Germany) 1848 1859 1864 1866 versus Austria 1866 1870 versus France 1870 AustriaFrance exercised power within the peninsula (Italy) & Germany in the interest of Austria & France to prevent nation within the region -- exercise control - would not have occurred without the consent or negligence of Britain to stop - Chancellor of Germany: War is politics by other means - war = simply diplomacy, a certain option Germany - rose as concretely - defacto of great power -- militarily humble and destroyed Austria and France (& reputation Bismarckian system - socially conservative, supported monarchy, need disunited Germany (destroy old order) & create new one that is similar in terms - nationalism will create a country -- confederation will hurt, however, if not - all end up the same aims:
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