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Lecture 12

lecture 12

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Neville Panthaki

L12 - collapse of Austria-Hungary Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the resurrection of Poland Versailles: Ottoman Empire - how Versaillesdiplomacy affected the Middle-East - simply drew lines to where they wanted to draw lines - EVEN WITH Wilson in Fourteen Points - referenced to national self-determination, imposed self-determination (not own) - affected more people for a longer period of time in Ottoman Empire Ambitions (of neighbours of Ottoman Empire) Austria-Hungary: wanted parts of Balkan region - conglomerate of nations - important for Austria to take the rest of the Slavic in the south to incorporate them to make homogeneous race - Austria and Russia always had competitions in the area - 1908 Bulgaria declared independent - made independent of Ottoman control and put under influence of Austria-Hungary - in the area with puppet king to allow Austria-Hungary to do what they want - 1908 Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia & Herzegovina basically moving components of an Empire to the sway of another First Balkan War 1912-1913: civil dispute of Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro (coalition) - bonded together to get more autonomy if in Ottoman rule free themselves and Bulgaria to enlarge its property - common enemy of Ottomans but conflict broke out between S&B, G&B, S&G about territory Second Balkan Wa
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