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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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Neville Panthaki

February - November: Revolutions of 1917 - consequences of the collapse Russian monarchy and why the revolution (short time period with vast changesconsequences) continued - as of February - two contending rivals provisional government and Petrograd Soviet (dual power) - organized as soviets (peoples council) - Provisional government was simply caretaker government, so had no authority in itself to continue the tsars policies - Petrograd Soviet issued manifesto of its own - Order #1 (March 1) -- later on expanded by Lenin to April Theses (April 3) 1, stated Petrograd Soviet claimed sole supremacy; 2, provisional government did not have any justification to exist; 3, provisional government already discredited itself under the name of the people (to continue tsarism) - Lenin decided to remark on what the Bolshevik party within Petrograd Soviet stood for == coalition, stood by ruling by themselves - other parties would not stand for the same platform with Bolsheviks sole legitimacy of government should stand for peoples interests, and would not combine powers unless platform was similar to the Bolsheviks to: 1. end the war (no way in winning - end to hostilities) 2. immediate land reform (transfer of power) - freedom not accompanied by land serfs could not have ownership of the land they were working on, needed to dispossess landlords - those who work the land own the land 3. to end dual power, all legitimate power of the government should rest within the Soviets (council of workers or people - bottom-up) -- entire union of Soviets countrywide 3. Kornilov affair (end of August) - provisional govern
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