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Lecture 18

Lecture 18

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neville Panthaki

L18 Why Fascism? 1. is a logical consequences in German history, uniquely German - Mussolini was Hitlers hero until Hitler rose to his own power - revolves around looking at German unification [war is part of Germany] - have a psychological problem if you do not believe that - cannot contain German Fascism as if it was a disease 2. trend of 20thcentury, result of: WWI, Russian Revolution, depression th - collapse of 19 century European power - WWI is a catalyst resulting in extremism with economic disintegration - always a psychological perogative in whywhat causes humanity to be so degrading 3. continuation of breakdowncollapse of the 19 thcentury: monarchy, conservativism, liberalism 4. revolution of the bourgeoisie VS. businessmen, unionslabourers, government - failed in the past so turned to a new ideology - Fascism was against big capitalism, interested in state control -- man is inherently corrupt, and power is the only thing that restrains him - at heart, we are all Fascists as we have false morality -- force containing natural impulsesactions What is Fascism: common elements 1. amalgamation of ideas - doctrine is not singular undefined - takes ideologies that they want to use conservative (orderauthority is driven for) - Hitler hated Bismarck (vile) as Bismarck did not take Ger
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