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Lecture 21

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Neville Panthaki

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L21 1937 - Anglo-German Gentlemans Agreement - Anti-Comintern Pact (Germany, Italy, ) - Hitler is extremely shrewd, cunning, successful in getting what he wants through consensusdiplomacy 1938 - diplomatic coup - Anschluss (Austria) without firing a shot - small Nazi party in Austria internally to destablize government - launched a coup - had them openly declare that they wanted Anschluss with Germany should not have happened according to Versailles (but was against self determination of peoples) - included in the Third Reich of Germany - Munich (Sudentenland in Czechoslovakia) - Northwest area = ethnically German minority but was never included in Germany - Yugoslavia & Czechoslovakia - if I could include a group of Germans into Germany, why not ALL - French, Italians, and British got together to decide on fate of Czechs [this territory would be detached and incorporated into Germany - worked to separate the Czech ] - French-Germany non-aggression pact - secured peace (passiveness to war) 1939 - Czech territory annexed by Germany erased credibility with Britain - Italy invades Albania - question of when the Allies decide when the war is on - Germans seized port Memel (Lithuania) -- wanted coastline up to Soviet Union to secure coastline to
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