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Lecture 22

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neville Panthaki

L22 Phases and Theatres of Conflict (WWII) - opening campaign - Poland (September - October 1939) in response to Hitlers aggression - Denmark & Norway (January - June 1940) * Blitzkreig - based on economic possibilities - cannot produce large numbers and engage on war on different fronts efficiently * use of paratroopers to overcome defences - Belgium, Holland, France (May - June 1940) * overlap despite the desire to fight on two fronts - Battle of Britain (May - September 1940) - supposed to be the first wave of campaign that envisaged the undertaking of England - air supremacy but aerial confrontation stopped plans for German plans to invade - Hitler gave German airforce another task to reorganize and prepare for eventual invasion of Britain - already planned - all wars were fought on a timeline - no choice from basis of German high command - forced to wrap up as Britain and France declared war - would be Poland Soviet Union but had to deal with France and England (Western Theatre) - wanted to see if they could defeat Britain and have a free hand to the East - decided that he would leave Britain alone as they were an island, not on land (mistake) - North Africa (June 1940 - January 1943) - not where Germans wanted to fight - ally, Mussolini attacked towards Egypt and lost - had to bail him out - drew British t
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