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Lecture 23

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Neville Panthaki

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L23 - EasternWestern theatres connected with tactics - diplomacy connected to strategy - Blitzkrieg = logistical solution to primary German problem (lack of resourcesability to fight a long war of attrition) - stalemate between German airforce and British airforce -- affected German tactics and began bombing North Africa (did not want to, centre of attention was on Europe) turning of the tide as soldiers turned to Soviet Union - prioritizing of Europe led to an Europe-first strategy - Americans depended on the battle of the Atlantic & North America as it was a logistical campaign that had to be won - hostilities surfaced after North Africa Italy (transition from Tunasia to Sicily) cease hostilities for transition of soldiers to allow D-Day Pacific Theatre: Japan background: Meiji Restoration (1868): Japan becomes modernizedindustrialized, undertakes reform for Sudo-constition and consequences of modernization (central government with policy of imperialism) - new Japan Russo-Japanese War (1905): Japanese won with near annihilation of Russian navy - produced a first rate naval capacity tumbling European power and grudgingly admitted by British and Americans as a force to be able to contend with rest influence over Manchuria (1910): fragilityvulnerability of China + encroachment of Japanese - recognized by British as legitimate area of Japanese rule 21 Demands on China (1915) - was
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