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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Neville Panthaki

JAN 28 • Austria was a necessary ally for germany because of its location and multiculturalism • African concerns were no concerns of Germany • It was good for Germany that Britain and France to fight over coloniliams because it meant that they would be on opposing sides MISTAKE OF PEACE TERMS, BISMARCK: • There were three wars of unification • Germany crushed Austria and France • Austria was an ally and France was not • It was a surprise when Prussia beat Austria because Austria was very powerful back then • Bismarck repaired and forestall humiliation of Austria unlike the French o Alsace/lorraine seized o Indemnity: 5 billion francs! o Victory march through paris (gloated over their victory over France…it was toned down for Austria) o Occupation until 1873 o Second reich (empire) of Germany announced at Versailles (Castle of Versailles…it pushes French buttons) ELEMENTS OF GERMAN DIPLOMACY UNDER BISMARCK: o 1873: 3 Emperors League (alliance between 3 monarchies: Germany, Austria and Russia) o This was a problem because Austria and Russia was not friends as they were fighting over Balkans o Both Russia and Austria wanted it because of the Slavic population o 1878: Treaty of San Stefano (Russian vs. Ottoman) o Russia destroys the Turks o Bismarck put pressure on Russia to mediate because of the alliance o Germany threatened to break alliance and Russia agreed o They met in Berlin (Congress of Berlin) and revised what had happened in San Stefano o Russia was mad and Balkan nationalities were dissatisfied o What happened was Germany and Austria vs. Russia o The Germans decided that they would side with the other German state, Austria o 1879: Dual Alliance o Russia does not want to be part of the alliance anymore o Now an alliance is made between Germany and Austria o 1881: Dreikaiserbund (G, A, R)  second treaty between the three countries o Germany promises Russia cash and lures them back o The French, who had lots of money, lured the Russians also o What keeps them apart is their differences in political systems o 1882: Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria and Italy) o The French and the British tried to become friends with Italy for the Mediterranean o Germany
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