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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Neville Panthaki

FEB 9 Phases/Periodization: (Western Front WW1) • Aug-Nov 1914: • German Attempt for Quick Victory • The military planners and the politicians know that they will lose • In the first world war, strategy was to win quickly • They did not have the resources to fight a long fight, no manpower or weaponry • Fighting from a point of weakness • This quick war is the Schlieffen plan • France/Brit, stop-line • German planning included case planning (what would happen if this happened) o Schlieffen Plan o Allies attempted to stop them leading to the first Battle Marne st o 1 Ypres battle • Because there is trench warfare, battles occur at the same location • Nov 1914- March 1918: • Winner is who can hold out the longest based on their economic ability • Allied attempt to evict germans o 2 Ypres o Verdun o Somrd o 3 Ypres (Vimy Ridge and Passchendale) • Trench warfare/Attrition strategy • March-Nov 1918: • German re-organization (Russia, part of Allies, drops out due to Russian Revolution 1917) • American entry o 2 Marne First World War- Phase 1: o Schlieffen Plan: o German general Schlieffen created a plan where Germany would fight on two fronts against Russia and France o He looked at the economic and military capability of each country o His plan was the Germany would fight France first and then Russia o Russia’s military was outdated so it would take them a long time to get to the border in strength o By that time, he could fight France o The way to defeat France was to go through Belgium and attack Paris from behind o The Allies were called to help o
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