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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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FEB 4 PHASE TWO of WW1: Attempt to Break Deadlock: (longest phase) Gallipoli (April 25, 1915 to Jan 1916) • battle of attrition • allied attempt, defeat Turkey • ottoman turks were the weakest, the austrians second • tried to cause problems between germans and their allies • 6 landings were attempted before they reached the beach, ½ lost (8000) • To attacks the turks, you had to go through meditarranean and stop on the beach • This was something that wasn’t done before, so it was very difficult • Turks held the cliffs • Britain made trenches in the beach (they were there for 8 and a half months) • Jan 1916, they called it off • The retreat was bloody, 250K died just trying to get to the ships (major failure) Verdun: Strategy Attrition (Feb-Dec 1916) • The german general Falkenhayn decides that Verdun should be the location because it is on the road to Paris • If it falls, Paris is open • Verdun is a fort and used by Napoleon (point of French pride) • He did not want to win this battle • He wanted a 3:1 death ratio  3 french soldier dead by 1 german • He wanted to kill the French army so that next time there will be less of them • So he did not want to win the battle of gain territory. It was an attempt to bleed the French • German strategy was to open up 9 hour barrage, 850 guns (artillerary pieces) over 8 miles • Terms like shell shock came up (psychological trauma faced by soldiers) • This was a strategy to mess with the people of Verdun • The French wins, many germans die • Falkenhayn achieved that whole French army rotated due to shell shock Somme: Strategy Breakthrough (July- Nov 1916) • The british tried to help the French • Same as the Verdun but it’s with the British • Haig coins the term casualty acceptance (the “acceptable loss”) • It’s a disclaimer that in winning, a certain number of people will die • This was don
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