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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neville Panthaki

FEB 11 • Versailles: Ottoman Empire: • Ambition: o Austria-hungary (wanted Balkans because it was a Slavic speaking region) o 1908, Bulgaria “independent” under the control of the Ottomans o 1908, Austro-hungary annexed bosnia and Herzegovina st 1 Balkan War (1912-12): • Started as a civil dispute (coalition of Serbia, Belgaria, Greece and Montenegro against Ottomans) • they tried to free themselves • conflict broke out between these nations over division of land nd • 2 Balkan War (1913): • Russia supported Serbia and Greece vs. Bulgaria supported by Austria-Hungary (internal conflict) • 1913, Albania becomes independent • Problems were that “decay” of the ottoman empire and their inabilities for nationalities to come together • 1913, Macedonia and parts of Thrace independence ( divided between Greece and Serbia, Greece got majority) • The idea that the empire would collapse was probably wrong • It was more of an orderly collapse Italy: • Made a claim for Libya (1911) • 1915, Italians were promised influence in the collapse of the empire (Albania) • So there is conflict (British duplicity) • There were several claims, thinking that they had an imperial power on their side Greece: • Much more supported by UK for geopolitical reasons (cultural reasons) • Greece was the founder of post-western civilization • The British supported their claims because that it was important to have a strong candidate in the Meditarranean • Greece wanted Albania and Constantinople (Istanbul) Britain/France/Russia: • 1914, war aims divided territories • Russia was guaranteed Constantinople • The Russians wanted an expanded port on the Black Sea • So this conflicted with Italy and Greece • Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) o Agreement between UK and France o Did not include Russia o Sykes  UK, Picot  France o Picot got Seria and Lebanon o The UK would get the rest of the territory
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