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Lecture 13

Lecture 13

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neville Panthaki

FEB 23 RUSSIAN REVOLUTION: • Interpretation: o Victorious masses: empowered the masses of people compared to what they used to be (positive) o Unwarranted coup: plunged the country into misery (negative) o Tragic o Inspirational • History prior to the Russian revolution (pre 1917) influences your idea of the revolution: • Your opinion influences post 1917 events in Russia but also throughout world • Your opinion = ideological ID MARXISM: • “workers of the world, unite!” • Philosophthal influences: o 18 century enlightenment  French revolution (idea of questioning and scientific approach) o French utopian socialism (equality, fraternity etc) o German romanticism (Engels and Marx were influenced by German history) o Marx and engels were influenced by their occupation (economists) so they believed in classical economic theory • Context of tomes: o Industrial revolution (UK) by Engels o German platform socialism by Marx (how to create the state and what kind of state should it be) o European Revolutions of 1848 (anti-bourgeois understanding) o Distinctly (anti-capitalist with a proletarian (emerging working class) focus) • Revolutions of 1848: o France: Bourgeoisie (begun by middle working class), side with cons o Liberalism did not mean democracy o Those with wealth could vote (a person with rights), no one else o “Civil liberty bestowed by state” o “State ranks rights” o “good for most” o “property is sacred” o “monarchy is best” • Immediate Reference: o Hegel: philosophy of right • Materialism (primacy of money) • Rational formula is not coincidental • He ca
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