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Lecture 18

Lecture 18

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Neville Panthaki

MARCH 9  Indian National Congress (1885)  movement  British ruled various ethnic groups and religious groups  Transformation ID  Unity Expression o As a national existence, India did not exist o Congress had to create an identity o It transformed the several regional ID into a single one o Regional  national o Particularist  patriotic o Hierarchy of identity o There is an attempt to make the lowest ID to the top (Indian) o Create a pan identity (ex. I am Canadian not I am Ontarian)  Dialogue with the Raj o British methods/structure  theory into practise o Educated Indians used british customs/language o Legal framework to change  Coalition of Interests and Secular o Coalition of elites, religions, castes, lingual/ethno groups o Hard to do because there were various different identities o Religion will not affect political  but then again, there were so many different religions that they had no other choice o Rule should be multiculturalism (tolerance for other cultures in order to have control)  Inspiration o Garibaldi (Young Italy)  led Italian unification, inspired the Indian Congress o Sinn Fein (Ireland)  pushed towards home rule and independence o Lenin (Soviet Union)  secular, socialist and multiculturalism o Fabians (British Constitutional/Democratic/Socialist)  legality (no violence) and gradual progress and evolving Mohandas K. Gandhi:  He did not believe in violence to achieve change  Passive resistance  Active civil disobedience  Boycott british goods (salt, cotton)  Was involved Bengal partition 1905-1911 o The british wanted to create a muslim Bengal. It failed because it magnified britain’s problems. They tried to divide and rule.  Communal elections to Advis
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