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Lecture 17

Lecture 17

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Neville Panthaki

MARCH 11  Germany was seen as the pinnacle of Europe  It was the nation that was credited for culture, music etc Why Fascism?  Logical consequence of German history o There was an argument that fascism was german but it’s wrong because it started in Italy o Hitler tried to imitate Mussolini o People believed that fascism was german because if you didn’t think so, you were then as if you had mental problems  Trend of 20 century, result of WW1, Russian Revolution, Depression o Each event was a catalyst for the next event o Fascism was next in line o It’s wrong because depression was not the only reason for the rise of fascism o It sounds good and logical though o There is always a psychological perogrative for the person arguing for fascism  Breakdown/Collapse of 19 Century: Monnarchy, Conservatism, Liberalism o That’s what happens but it does not fully explain why fascism  Revolt of Bourgeoisie vs. Business, Unions/Labour, Govt o It was unique to a class o They turned to fascism because it was against big business and controlled capitalism o They were against unions and labours o They were against conservatism and monarchical govt What is Fascism: Common elements o You can’t find the first fascist o There is no single doctrine of fascism o Amalgamation (Combination of) Ideas o Hitler was the archtype of fascism but not really because he was the radical side of fascism o Fascists are very social conservative (they liked that order/authority are the paramount things in the state) o Monarchy (they liked that the nation was controlled by a single leader/elite) o Socialism (they liked utopian idea and mass strength, that the government was the source of a better country) o Opposition to Liberalism, Socialism and Democracy o Liberalism because it was based on economic constitutionalism. It also led to the first world war and to the collapse of colonies. There was not enough control by the government o Socialism because it was the opposite of fascism. They did not want the uplifting of people, world government and harmony, fascism is for hierarchy by bloodline and race o Emotion, Destiny and Spectacle o It was very romantic o it was more about what the heart wanted rather than the mind o everything is spectacle o rise of mass propaganda and parades o very theatrical o sense of emotion to drive you to a charismatic high o Glorification of Violence o Violence is good o Your life is to be used for something o Violence is the best way for change o Violence is the ultimate expression of power o Battle tests people’s worth (Darwinism, survival of the fittest) o Clash of civilization o Cleansing (get rid of people who are not worthy) o Justification for domination (law does not matter, if yo
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