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Lecture 6

Meridian week 6 notes

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Neville Panthaki

1. The Fourteen Points by Woodrow Wilson born just before the American Civil War and dying just after WWI, Woodrow Wilson (1856 1924), was a noted historian, a scholar of government systems, a governor of New Jersey, and a President of Princeton University before being elected President of the US in 1913 US involvement in WWI marked his second term in office (1917 1921); although Wilson had initially attempted to avoid involvement in what he saw as a European war, he eventually came to see the war as a threat to humanity and to civilization Wilson also devised a postwar plan, enunciated in his famous Fourteen Points speech given before Congress in 1918 Fourteen Points, intended to facilitate the reconstruction of Europe after the war, contained suggestions that were both general (freedom of the seas, for example, or the right to self-determination) and specific (
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