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Lecture notes week 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neville Panthaki

N Tutorialthstart next week N Why: 20 Century: Themes o Quantity and Quality of Change o Historical Record o Change Government (Monarchy and Empire Nation) o Euro-Centric Diversity o ParticularRegional Global o Human Involvement (Common) o Universality of Experience o Mass EffectCommunication, Carnage, Migration The Last European Century: 1815 1914 N 1815 was the last time there was an European war with Napoleon and then there was 100 years of peace marking their empire and power N French Revolution & Napoleonic Wars1789 1815 o called the war to end all wars o disrupted balance of power vs. hegemony (domination) of France and revolutionary ideals (liberty, fraternity, equality, republic, nationalism, anti-Church) o coalition of Europe against France o the meaning of war began to change with the French Revolution instead of just fighting for your King N restoration: Metternich1815 1853 o Metternichhead of government for Austria, Chancellor Austria (close to being Prime Minister) o most threatened by shift of ideals in Europe after French Revolution o sought to prevent change in terms of ideology and restore what was prior to French Revolution ( homogeneous race, language, religion) o Holy Alliance (Austria, Russia, Prussia)all 3 were ruled by autocratic hous
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