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Lecture notes week 11

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Neville Panthaki

1937 N Anglo-German Gentleman Agreement N Anti-Comintern Pact (Germany, Italy, ) N Hitler is extremely shrewd and cunning and getting what he wants through concession and diplomacy 1938 N 1935 open rearmament, against Versailles N 1936 Spanish Civil War, reoccupation of Rhineland, against Versailles N Hitler established a diplomatic coup and took over the entire country of Austria, without firing a shot N Hitler launched a coup and put a fascist party into place N said that he wanted Anschluss against the Versailles treaty N the British signed off on this N the entire country of Austria was emerged into the emerging Third Reich of Germany N in September, Hitler detached the Sudetenland mountainous area of Czechoslovakia N in this area, there was a minority group of Germans, called the Sudeten Germans northwest area of Czechoslovakia N even though the Sudeten Germans were never part of Germany, Hitler made it an issue N in Munich, the French, Germans, British, and Italians came together to decide the faith of Sudetenland N they all came to the conclusion that the Sudeten Germans should be included in Germany N at this time, Hitler started dividing the area into Czech Republic and Slovakia already N at this same time, Chamberlain started saying that he had got Hitlers peace signature N the French did not believe Chamberlain, so the French go out for their own signature and pact, which they get N this was called the French-German Non-Aggression Pact N Poland also signed a non-aggression pact N through these pacts, a lot of the countries start to feel safe from Hitler and the Nazis 1939 N the Czech part of the Czechoslovakia was annexed N in the first few months, Hitler simply erased all the credibility with the British government and made Chamberlain look like an idiot by walking in and invading Czech territory N after that Mussolini invaded Albania N in present-day Lithuania, the Germans seized a port called Memel saying that it had a German minority, but in fact, they wanted to invade it so that they could get a route to the Soviet Union N the Memel was a League of Nations mandate right for the League to take N Pact of Steel Germany, Italy this was after their declaration of the axis lines, after which they were called Axis N Nazi-Soviet Pact this was the last thing that Hitler did to pull apart the Allies N Hitler and Stalin concluded the non-aggression pact because everything that Hitler had done in Europe, apart from the reoccupation of Rhineland, was done in the east N it was at this point that the British openly guaranteed that they would protect Poland N Hitler meeting with his military commanders that the British were lying, since Poland was one of the allies of Britain since the Versailles treaty not because they were scared of the Nazis N Hitler also thought that if Britain had allowed all the things that the Nazis had done before the start of the world war, such as the annexation of Austria and the Czech territory, then why would Britain help Poland N when Germany invaded Poland and Britain declared war, Hitler was dumbfounded it didnt make any sense N in Hitlers point of view, there was no basis or guarantee to going for war for Poland N in Britains point of view, there is a last straw and the invasion of Poland was that last store Rapallo Era (1922 1933) N Germany completely reorganized everything after Bismarck and the first world war N between 1922 1933, the foreign minister of Soviet Russia, Chicherin, and the foreign minister of Germany, Rathenall, quietly met and set the basis for a very fruitful 10 years of good relationships N they both had made commonalities from the Treaty of Versailles N Germany and Russia recognize each other diplomatically which can extend into trade and other areas N the Germans start to re-militarize on Soviet territory the Soviets get sharing of knowledge and other military tips N the Germans learn the Blitzkrieg from the Soviets not the other way around N there are many industrial and military links N this ends when Hitler comes to power he is anti-balance of power mandate
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