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Neville Panthaki

March 16 2010Weimar RepublicthNovember 10 1918 Social Democracy SDArmy allowed monarchy to fall realized they could not win the war they wanted to be rid of the monarchy allowed a caretaker government t come inMarch 181920 Kapp Putscharmy control launched a coup against his own leadership but was defeated it allowed them to openly ask the govt for more control of the stateNov 68 1923 Munich Putsch Emergency powersby this time the Nazi party becomes a thorn in the side of the military military given even more power19281931ArmyNazi Rapprochement create an understanding Nazis join armyallows Nazi party to crack away at the current power19311932 Schleicher chancellor declared head of state Pres Hidenburg refuses Hitler Army Nazi Breakdown from this point onward Nazi work against the govt Jan 1933Hidenburg refuses emergencyPowers to Schleicher Hitler forms govt Hitler does not seize power uses democracy to crack down on govt itself once in powerFeb 1933 Bans communist party outlawed MayMar 1933Suspends the constitutioncannot really do that June 30 1934
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