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HISB40- lecture 8 The Confederation Era- Part 2  Major Causal Factors: o Fear of the U.S o Internal problems- political and economical o Desire for expansion- growth and make more $$  Opportunity to grow into Hudson’s Bay territory  Reach the economic systems  Opportunity for the empire to grow- push towards confederation  Canadian delegation crashed a party  Quebec Conference, October 1864  All the delegates present had general agreements  Fundamental differences: o Wanted federation o Structure allow them sovereignty o Empower to pass law o Central seeds of government o Localized seeds of government o Ho w centralized would it be?  Central legislature  No requirement of standardized language and currency  Nation maintain a high degree of localized sovereignty  Macdonald favoured centralism o Central, strongly empowered government o Commented on the central war  Maritimes and Lower Canada afraid of losing autonomy o Fear of losing to the majority (Anglophones)  Cartier offered to compromise o Wanted strong physical powers at the government  Education, language, civil rights, property rights (provincial levels)  Provinces: Culture  Federal: Economic  Disallowance o Didn’t agree with Cartier o Legislative union of disguise o Empower was the rule in the  Bicameral legislature- 2 hands/bodies o Lower house: rep by population o Upper house: regional o based on class  inherit positions through father  But, how to provide it? o Regionally o 24 Maritimes o 24 Ontario o 24 Quebec  Appointment of Senators? o By federal government  Whig History- bad? o Whigs were a political faction o Predated the liberals o Progressive party o History of progress and things are always moving o Inaccurate o Different set of perspectives o History is more cyclical and oscillating- progress followed by decline  federal government will presume all provincial debt o but only up to a limit o transfer payments for compensation  Intercolonial railway- to be financed by federal government o Water isn’t as fast o Allow to railway to be built and paid for o Connect Maritimes with the rest of the provinces o Allow the railway to be built from Halifax  Ratification o Centralization vs de-centralization o Ratification by a specific number of states o Seek ratification in the legislature o
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