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Lecture 9

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C Cole

LECTURE 9 - NOVEMBER 13, 2012 HISB40 FORGING THE NEW DOMINION: WESTWARD EXPANSION PART ONE Questions to think about: What does the ‘New Dominion’ mean? How can we look at Canada internally(ie. Regional development)? What was created in 1867 was not a new creation of a nation that was sovereign. - 1870 Rupert’s Land was bought from the Hudson’s Bay Company and thus the North- west Territories became apart of National holdings as the NWT did not become a prov- ince. - Britain was interested as this transaction was proof to their(Canada’s) growth and ‘ma- turity’ - even provided Canada a loan to purchase from Hudson’s Bay(colony became self-sufficient) ‘manifest destiny’ the motto Canadians were afraid American were going to pursue (the thought that there was a divine calling to all of the Americas - the new territory was to be governed by a Governor - annexed William McDougall - First Governor of the NWT Louis Riel - led the Red River Rebellion - looking to negotiate better terms for Manitoba, looking for provincial status so they could maintain culture - Manitoba Act, 1870 - Manitoba was established with two official languages and confessional schools - development of a fundamental political split between Anglophones and Francophones - Thomas Scott(Anglophone, Orangeman) was executed by Riel, 1870 1871 - British Columbia joins Federation - promises of a inter-continental railway - federal assumption of debt LECTURE 9 - NOVEMBER 13, 2012 HISB40 1873 - PEI joins Federation - heavily in debt drove them to join - promised a federally funded ferry to the mainland - good ex
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