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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 (2010 fall)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
C Pennington

Lecture 3 Canadian History The Royal Colony of New France, 1663-1763 - The absolutist system - The Compact Colony strategy - Economy and society The Situation of 1663 - Pop. Of New France: 3000 o Clustered around St. Lawrence River o Acadia o Canada Most important part o Upper country o Louisiana - 7 to 1 male-female ratio not good for procreation, most women are nuns o Not sustained for population growth o Discouraged when fur trade companies are in control - Iroquois attacks threatened the colonys populaton - Louis XIVs strategy The Sun King o Divine monarchy absolute from God, unquestionable o Fur Trade and territory was a big investment o Committed the resources of France to New France Canada St. Lawrence River Valley o Invested in security of the colony Difficult to persuade people to come to New France due to Iroquois attack 800 in Quebec (walled city), rest in scattered farmland vulnerable Send in a regiment of the French army the Carginan-Salieres Regiment, 1665. Inexperienced, but a lot, 1200 Boosted the population Uniforms and muskets Showing force against the Iroquois Marched them into Iroquois territory o Iroquois retreated o Regiment burned all Iroquois settlement scared them Iroquois continued to harass New France in leagues with the English The Colony of Canada now had protection Many stayed behind to start families o Helped secure the outlines of the colonies Helped provide security and population growth
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