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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 (fall 2010)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
C Pennington

Lecture 4 Canadian History before 1885 Midterm: Who, What Where, When and explain the significance of the subject Essay format test, 12 or so subjects, choose 4 - Significant subjects that have their own heading only lecture material Struggle for a Continent, 1663-1763 - French expansion and the Failure of the Compact Colony, to 1773 o 1673, Frontenac arrived from France, aggressively pursue fur trade o Jean Talon (compact colony strategy) - The Seven Years War, 1756-63 - Battle of the Plains of Abraham, 1759 - Conquest of New France, 1760-63 o A happy calamity best thing that could happen to the French, liberty, democracy, and freedom in contrast to French govt o Conquest is like rape tramatic event another perspective Alien group has seized control of the other group War and Expansion, 1663-1754 - Imperial conquests between France and Britain were not between colonies - imperialism - Founding of Fort Frontenac, 1673 o Located near Kingston, Ontario o Most outward fur trade post for the glory of France - La Salle and Louisiana o Dispatched to the south, make contact with Aboriginals interested in trading o Take territory for France empty gesture neither side could completely take over Only goodwill between Aborignals, then you can take land o Claimed Louisiana in name of Louis XIV o La Salle killed by his own men o Expanded the realm of New France o Crown of France did not like it - War of the Grand Alliance, 1689-97 o Multiple European powers involved o Guerrilla warfare on civilian settlements o 1690, English expedition Frontenac showed them off and they fled o French Crown changed strategy (see below) - Abandonment of the Compact Colony strategy, 1701 o Imperial strategy hold as many territories as possible near the English colonies Inevitable o 1701 peace treaty with the Iroqouis No Iroquois attacks for a time - War of the Spanish sucession, 1701-13 o Who got to be the new king of Spain - War of the Austrian sucession, 1744-48 o Who go to be the king of Austria - Both of these conflicts were spilled in NA colonies guerrilla warfare o 1713, Treaty of Utrecht, British claimed control of the Maritimes o New France was in trouble and in danger - Persistent warfare The Odds of the Seven Years War struggle for North America between French and British Empires - Previous wars and conflicts were inconclusive
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