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Celtic Celieghs Gaelic Welsh Saint John St Johns Grand Banks Tariffs Miramichi woot wind and sail steamships pictou country dysentery preferential access merchant marine vagabond brothel missions family economy treaties Beothuk MiKmaq Malecite patronage E Scheat party The Maritime colonies and Newfoundland 178518641IntroductionArguing Maritimes had a lot in common with upper and Lower Canada Particularly the growing class socially a lot of similarities Politically Maritimes were different 2Population growth and ethnic and religious diversityRapid growth and ethnic diversityth19 century half a million people thanks to massive immigrants especially Irish and Scottish immigrants These 2 groups overwhelmed the other peopleIrish become the dominant group in New BrunswickScottish immigrants settled in Cape Breton which reminded them of Scotland and become Nova Scotia became the largest ethnic group and many ended in PEI A number of slaves came to Nova Scotia and English was not a common language and spoke Gaelic and Welsh and Acadians spoke FrenchRich ethnic diversity came religious diversity Anglicans were overwhelmed by other religious groups Catholics Methodists etcCanada has been multicultural for a long time3Social structure Economya17851840Maritime economy remained a stable economy based primarily on export of raw material fish timber coal etc iAgriculture1Not an important industry like it was in central Canada 2Maritime agriculture was of subsistence nature3Farming was important but mostly for own consumption
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