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Lecture 03102011 Canadian History British North America and the American RevolutionKey Terms seigneurs Shelburne constitutional act 1791 saint john bay of quinte privateers Mennonite peace order and good government Tory touch Joe Brandit Six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy excommunicate1Introduction American Revolution as a turning pointaAmerican revolution was one of the turning point because it created the largest number of refugees loyalist largest in history and these refugees had a profound impact on CanadabHad an immediate impact on BNA when most Canadians refused to join American Revolution their colonies were disrupted and it had an impact on them2Origins of and Canadas response to the RevolutionaTension between American colonies and Britain was fuelling primarily over taxes which Americans though taxes were unfair America became an independent Quebec colony thanks primarily to Canada Many Americans were upset with the Act of 1774 It gave constitutional rights to French speaking Catholics and the Catholic Church and these were the long term enemies of the Americans It also gave the OHIO valley region back to Quebec and restored Quebec boundaries This in turn continued to block Americas westward expansion They believed this territory belonged to them War in 1775 bw British and American rebels bQuebeciAmericans sent revolutionary agents to Quebec to appeal to themii1774 Invited Quebec to send agents to discuss the possibility of rebellioniiiBritain not that worried because of Quebec ActivQuebec denied the invitation mainly because the revolutionary propaganda did not mean not that much to them because it wasnt their tradition French Canadians were still scared about assimilation French Canadians had fought bitterly against British forces in past years So they cant approach British with loyalty and affection Basically they didnt care for either side And since they didnt know who would win they figured it
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