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Hugh Allen Pacific Scandal Mackenzie Reciprocity free trade homesteaders Duck Lake Cree disparate customs dutyThe national Policy 186718851Nationhood and the National Policy creating a national economya18671873 sheer practical necessities which bought the colonies together financial or military security Confederation was a marriage of convenience The political leaders of the day were faced with problems and somehow had to create a sense of nationhood something that would unite the colonies because if the bond was not created they were certain Canada would not survive bMany idea was to create a national identitycThe National policy 3 policies made by the federal governmentiBuilding of railroadiiProtective tariff high custom dutiesiiiSettlement of the westivPoliticians thought they cannot build national identity on language or religion because no common ground Only route to national unity was through a national economy an economy in which the provinces would trade with each other and become dependent on them West and east send raw materials to central Canada and they sell it outwards and this would foster national unity as hoped vSome people thought that national identity should be identified on strictly ethnic terms not economic Quebeckers believed that Canada should be bilingual and English people though it should be Anglo and protestant viPoliticians though that integrated economy was the viable route to national identity viiDoes the national policy succeed2Transcontinental Railroad Intercolonial and CPRaBuilding of transcontinental railroadbCommitted to building 2 railroads the intercolonial railroad and a pacific railway linking BC with central Canada and both promised
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