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Reil National committee land rush alienation provisional government Scott Orangeman Manitoba Act 18701Introduction Ontario ImperialismaTerm applied to Canada and specifically Ontario where imperialist sentiment was strongbSaw confederation as a practical solution and was motivated by desire of nation from sea to sea and Ontario politicians tended to speak of confederation in terms of imperial access to cheap maritime things Acquiring other parts of Canada for our benefit and how it would be easier to acquire NW for OntarioscHistorical interpretation blames uprising on Mtis themselvesdI put the blame on Ontarians Mtis own language tradition and own military and strong sense of own identity and power and made them see themselves as rulers of Red River colony and considered it their owneOntario has a different view of NW and thought it belonged to Ontario fClash of viewpoint between imperialised minded and Mtis view that lead to Mtis uprising2Origins of Expansionist Movement missionary commercial and nationalist motivesaReligion greed and nationalism are three reasonsbReligious or missionary motives in 1840 Ontarians received report from protestant missionaries Because of fur trade and nomadic hunt the inhabitants of NW were not setting up schools etc Natives about poverty and alcoholism The missionaries blamed on HBC because they kept the Natives on fur trade and hunting instead of farming stuff Savaged and not moral community More and more Ontarians began to take a interest in the colony and wanted to Christianize the barbaric people of the region and wanted to do this by promoting agricultural settlement and farming was considered the foundation of a civilized moral societycInitially wanted to spread Christianityndd2 reason economic NW was considered a wilderness area for a long time suitable only for hunting trade Unsuitable for permanent agricultural colony 1870 people sued HBC for given wrong reasons These writers said that the NW was rich in agricultural settlement and this got some Ontarians to think of NW as commercial possibilities
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