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Cree Assiniboine provisioners pemmican red river bannock gaelic Ojibwa Hudsons Bay Company Selkirk Scots pembina Lord Selkirk assiniboia Battle of 7 oaks Sioux sayer trail thhaida otters Halfbreeds Alex Mackenzie Simon Fraser Begbie totem poles 49 parallel DouglasThe Northwest and Pacific Coast 176018601The NorthwestaPre1800 Wilderness FrontierEarliest inhabitants of the Northwest were the Plains Indians Crees Natives who moved around a lot highly nomadicNatives came into contact with White Europeans in 1600 when French government sent expeditions Europeans never did fight trade routes but they found furs When the supply of furs began disappearing by early 1700 British and French traders turned their attention to the Northwest where they established trading postsLargest fur trading company was Northwest Company and was aggressive sent thousands of French settlers farther in the NWMain competitor was Hudsons Bay Company and started establishing fur trade posts in the interior and it extended all over the continent and to make operations more cost effective they encourages supplies of food and stuff so that they wouldnt have to import food from Europe through Hudsons Bay and it was Plains Indians who played role of provisions they provided food to the fur trade post and the main item they traded was Pemmican dried buffalo meant and mix in berries extremely nutritious nonperishable perfect for long voyages and heartily appetites Prior to 1800 Western Canada was largely a wilderness frontier considering of small groups of Natives and Europeans nomadic and apart from small isolated fur trade post and semipermanent Indian villageCommunity dominated by new people known as MtisbThe Origins of the MtisiOffspring of white settlers and Indian women appeared in late 1600 iiCatholic church frowned upon this and HBC disallowed this but they couldnt do much to stop it
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