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Key terms Assimilation Tories Deadlock Ryerson Sydenham rep by pop Cabbagetown temperance Baldwin house of industry rehabilitation Grits Hincks LaFontaine humanitarianism libertarian Bagot Metcalfe populist common schools MacNab Cartier Elgin 1Introduction different interpretations of the Union PeriodPolitical success or failure Humanitarianism or social controlUnion was distrasterous for French Canadians and they become an oppressed peoplendHistorians refer to this period as the 2 conquestOther hand those who argue that the union failed in a political sense but it did achieve things like responsible government economic advances building railroads signing of a free trade treaty so not that much failure Some argue that these were the good years for French Canadians Politically culturally and economicallyUnion of the Canadas was not a failure for the French or English CanadiansI would be arguing thisHistorians argue that the institutions that arose were not aim at improving life for but to maintain social order This was an oppressive period not a progressive period2Politics 184164a18381841 Lord Durhams Report and the Act of UnioniBritains response Upper Canada individuals accused in participating in rebellion were charged with treason Few executed rest sent to Bermuda LC retribution was harsher because uprising there was more serious and widespread British imposed Marshal Law Military British ruled the colony State of marshal laws existed those who were brought to trial were tried by court magistrates who sentenced to death almost all rebel leaders Only about a dozen were executed Punishment was lieniant in QuebeciiDurham took a lelient approach Chosen by British government to determine what had caused the rebellion in first place and to make recommendations to prevent future rebellionsiiiBased on recommendations U caused by influx ability of the government to demands of legislature Constitutional struggle between democracy and autocracy LC blamed on racial strife Conflict between French Canadians and Eng Canadians Blamed most of the trouble on French French were
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