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lecture 3

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Lecture 3 January-24-11 1:55 PM The Borden Era and the First World War 1911-20 Announcement - Wednesday - Passchendale movie viewing Assignment due - jan 31st Conscription crisis - 1917 Terrible loss of life in war - tragedy - thing he can never get right is it was a needless war Not true people died for freedom - WWII they were fighting for freedom - WWI was just about empires fighting for territory - we remember it as fight for democracy - but we have to pretend that that was what it was about - no other option 60k dead Canadians Sir Robert Borden - picture Defeats Laurier 1911 - becomes PM languishing in opposition He was intelligent, successful, hardworking person - grew up on a farm Trained in law - he was successful prosperous citizen - felt he should get involved - so he got involved in politics - he didnt enjoy it - felt obligated He wasnt a good speaker - didnt have easy personal relations with colleagues - but he was the best man - respected by conservative power - became leader in 1901-20 He was not that savvy He didnt govern in consensus But he had integrity People thought he was good looking - Egyptian god He did not lead in distinguished way Fair to say - he was unprepared for the outbreak of war in summer of 1914 He was vacationing in muskoka Outbreak of First World War Triple alliance - germany, austria hungary and italy - chose not to fight once war broke out - ottoman empire replaced it - today modern day turkey Triple Entente - it was a looser term - Britain, France, Russia - Tsar - cruel and authoritarian Triggering event - assassination of Franz Ferdinand - heir to the throne of Austria Hungary - killed by serbian nationalist - in serbia - uneasy relation with A.H - A.H govt upset - issued ultimatum - ordered them to surrender their sovereignty - in compensation for the assassination Serbia caved in - but not good enough - AH wanted to assert its authority - had the backing of Germany Serbia had a big brother in Russia Russia had alliance with France - If Russia went to war with AH it would involve france French alliance with Britain Germany welcomed war - it had battle plan - made war inevitable - Schlieffen Plan - it prepared germany for war on two fronts - west and east - crush through France - once they are conquered - turn around and meet Russians - who were notoriously very slow - it was backward - didnt want to be in a two front war at once Meant if germany was to be involved in war with russia - they needed to attack france Alliance system inched towards war Canada and the start of war
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