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Lecture 5

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C Pennington

Lecture 5 February-14-11 2:03 PM Canada and the Dirty Thirties 1929-39 This Wednesday 5-7 - The Atomic Caf Mostly miserable period to lecture about Period of stifling economic depression - colours everything else Progress in arts and sports - dionne quintuplets Mostly a dismal period Today - start with economic themes Causes and effects of great depression Oct 1929 - wall street crash Lasts from 1929-1939 Throughout the western world - especially N.America - economy never recovered Worse till 1933 - 30% unemployment in Canada Only marginally increased leading up to 1939 Causes - overproduction - based on optimistic outlooks - companies produced too much stock When depression hit - there was much less demand in the economy Companies producing so much stock shut down factories Now people out of work - even less purchasing power bc people are unemployed lack of purchasing power - people didnt have money to purchase things with international instability - ramifications for Canada - European economies did not recover from war - Britain, Frace, Germany Germany had reparations - had to get loans from US Britain and France depended on loan payments - US stopped payments in 1928 Both Canada and US dependent on international trade - led to collapse Dustbowl affect - freak incident - dry conditions - desertification of the west For people who lived off the land - people just couldnt live Effects - decline of Canadas GNP by 40% - should grow 1-5% per yr Imports down 55% - exports down 25%, 30% unemployment -rough figure 1.5 million canadians depended on govt relief - population was only 10 million Exports - were life blood of Canadian economy If you had employment - it was a good time - things were cheap - they lived well Some lived well while others were starving Official records - no one starved to death - but that is hard to believe -people died bc of illness due to malnutrition Unemployment - more and more workplaces shut down and thrown into the street - same in rural canada - western canada Fundamental problem with unemployed - no social assistance - time period before it was socially acceptable to take relief
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