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Lecture 3

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History Lec#3 Jan.1110 The Loyalty Election of 1891 The Canadian federal election was held on March 5 to elect the members of the th Canadian House of Commons of the 7 Parliament of Canada. Main Issue: - Macdonalds National Policy (policy of protective tariffs) - Liberals(Wilfrid Laurier) supported reciprocityfree trade - Also, the Farrer Pamphlet The election was won by the Conservative Party by Sir John A. Macdonald. It was a close election & Macdonald campaigned hard. However, Macdonald passed away a few months after the election. A great way of sadness went through the country. People think the future is very uncertain without him. A period of mourning went through weeks. (Macdonald was mostly good, but somewhat corrupt. But, what is certain is that on one could replace him.) *Farrer Pamphlet* (because of this pamphlet, Macdonald slightly won the election) [A pamphlet written by Farrer to advise the US on how to pressure Canada into union] Edward Farrer was a Journalist. In the early 1890, the Globe and other papers accused him of conspiring(??) with the committee of the United States Senate on relations with Canada by supporting research material. Farrer was given the task of promoting Liberals policy of unrestricted reciprocity (free trade). He apparently implied that the Liberal Party was sympathetic to political union. More than 2000 people attended the election campaign of 1891. During the campaign, Macdonald exposed the pamphlet as evidence of the Liberal Partys disloyalty and accused the Liberal Party of veiled treason. Farrer accepted the responsibility for the pamphlet, but denied that it had any connection with the Liberal party. Conservative Prime Ministers 1891~1896 When Sir John A. Macdonald passed away, Governor General Lord Stanley of Preston called on John Thompson to form a government, but he declined. Thompson recommended Abbott. rd *Sir John Abbott* (3 PM of Canada) Sir John Abbott supported Thompson to succeed, but because of the religious prejudice against the Roman Catholic Thompson, who also converted at his marriage, made it politically untenable(?????). Therefore, Abbott reluctantly(????) accepted the plea of the divided Conservative 1 of 9
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