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Lecture 4

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C Pennington

Lecture 4 January-31-11 2:01 PM The Troubled Twenties, 1919-29 William Lyon Mackenzie King and fordfour? auto workers pictures Period in which the country remained traumatized from ww1 - several fronts - sheer emotional toll of war was heavy - 60k died - never experienced before 8 million population total Very few canadians who didnt know someone killed in war Caused a lot of strain and uncertainty - desire for things to go back to the way they were - conservative impulse Economically affected - full employment during the war - canadian govt did poor job of transitioning soldiers back into civilian life - soldiers found themselves jobless - no access to assistance Civil unrest 1920s US - roaring twenties - not so in canada - didnt recover until 1926 - boom until 1829 crash - depression In canada - troubled twenties Unsettled in politics Most important figure in history WLMK Historians know more about him than they should The Spanish influenza 1918-19 Summer of 1918 - new strain of influenza which was regularly present around the world - new strain took hold it was thought to have first emerged in spain - called spanish influenza - no wartime censorship in Spain - reports first came out in Spain Two waves spread around world - aided by soldiers returning home - and by the fact that soldiers were kept in close quarters Summer 1918-spring 1919 - 21 million people died? 3% of population estimated 50 million 25% of worlds pop had the disease 50k Canadians died - it was esp. frightening bc of symptoms - this flu would come on rapidly - over reaction of immune system Young strong people most affected Ironic - young and old people with weak immunes systems faired better One of the great tragedies - it occurred when it did - soliders who survived war - killed bc of influenza It alerted canadians that there was no national strategy Fed govt had no role at all in health - until 1919 - National dept of health was created Severity - pop was 8 million - 4 times that now - relatively speaking 200k deaths and 8 mill ill Winnipeg General strike - 1919 May and June General strikes coming into fashion during WW1 It is a particular type of strike - not just a single group of workers vs group of employers - but all the workers go out - in support of one group of workers - if done well it could be an effective tool Could shut down a city Labour prospered during war Union membership doubled Wages doubled
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