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University of Toronto Scarborough
Danny Azoulay

Canadian History since 1885 The Great War January 23 2012st 1 total war KEY TERMSSoldiers and civilians CatalystsWar fought at home and overseas factories and trenches SerbianPeople were told to make sacrifices to win war AustroHungarianInstability of total warrevolutions John TeahanCulture problems Ross RiffleThe Somme WWI Trench raidsJune 1914 ClaustrophobicAustria attacked Serbia Russia defended Serbia Shell shockFrance helped Russia LindberghBritain helped BelgiumAWOLAustria attacked Belgium YpresBritain declared war to Germany Canada was Vimy Ridge automatically at war ProhibitionCanada English were very enthusiastic Patriotic fundHuge positive response EnlistmentsYoung men were eager to enlist Race generationMost English Canadians had sentimental ties to Britain LusitaniaLoyalty to mother country HunMany Canadians believed to have a romantic adventure BolshevikEconomic recession 1913 VoluntaristReason to escape economic factors LaissezfaireWar was more loyalty sacrifice honour Was Measures ActGood for the AngloSaxon race physical toughness HughesRace Canadian physical race over than other races Flavelle1916 half a million Canadian volunteered 8m Can IMB Imperial MunitionsOctober 1914Spring 1915 BoardWar was fought on trenches CNRWelfare StateRain mood rats artillery bombs and expose to the Reg 17 wheat developed influenza Unionist 1916 34000 casualties in 4 months AltruisticSomme 1916 60000 died and 150000 were woundedCanada lost an entire generationProblems breathing artificial artifacts st Psychological problems 1 modern war weapons of mass destruction airplanes machineguns dehumanizing SnipersHysterical neurosis living coma unable to speak for months shellshockSoldiers became irrational WWI changes their way of livingSoldiers became more antiauthoritarianLost respect to politicians teachers government
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