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Lecture 01 - HISB41

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University of Toronto Scarborough
C Pennington

HISB41 Canadian History Since 1885 Pre-Lecture Midterm Test -The 5 Ws -Significance, and its impact on Canadian History -Only 4 out of 10-12 will be on it -Marked out of 40 -Each answer is worth 10 -There is a bonus section with pictures (2.5 extra marks) Tutorials -January 20 is the start date Essay -Due March 10 , before class begins in his office -8-10 pages, title page and bibliography not included National Policies and Problems, 1885-96 Economic Depression -About 18 years of age at the time -Although the confederation was a triumphant moment, but it was a point of failure because there was no way to bring everyone together and ground everything -Great sense of unease and sentiment of collapse and doomed to failure -The different provincial government railed against the federal government over a variety of issues because they could not get along -Question of what relationship of Canada with US ought to be is undecided at this point (Difference? What is better about us compared to them?) -Some believed that Canada should be very close to Canada, and a small minority felt that it was in Canadas destiny to be with the United States -The other question was Race and Religion, and this was not the factor that would bring Canada together because this was not the foundation of the country, but with a compromise English protestants and French Catholics. Provincial Discontent Continentalism and the Loyalty Election of 1891 Manitoba School Crisis, 1890-1896 -It was about what school there was to be in Manitoba, but on a broader scope whether
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