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Lecture 02 - HISB41

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The Laurier Boom, 1896-1911 -The years that Laurier was in power, the economic status of Canada was greater during this period, in industries, west settlement and the national policy to take place and work. -Relatively prosperous times -No severe issues that threatened a divide of the country, and hence it was a peaceful time th th -The 19 century may have belonged to the US, but the 20 will belong to Canada (Laurier) -Laurier himself personified as what Canada would become, and sometimes called The First Canadian -He embodied the founding cultures in Canada, who was French-Canadian who saw highly of the British empire and spoke fluently in both languages. Statistics -Growth grew 3million during this period BritishFrench: 6130 (1881) : 5629 (1911) European: 0.4m : 1.1m Aboriginal: 108k : 105k Negro: 21k : 17k Asiatic: 4k : 43k -Greatest other European growth was the Ukrainian which at first none in Canada to 75k by 1911 -Blacks were not welcome to Canada at the time, and the explanation for these African and Caribbean peoples was It is too cold here, and your complexion is not suitable here. -Hard borders were tough against the Asiatic, but their growth was still substantial as they jumped over these hurdles. More Demographic Figures Rural Population %: 75 : 54 Regional Distribution % ONT: 44 :35 Quebec: 33 : 28 Maritimes: 20 : 13 Western: 4 : 24 Annual Immigration: 47k : 331k 1914: Over 400k? Sir Wildred Laurier
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