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Lecture 2 Jan 17-11 - Period of uncertainty, unease, unsure of the future - Economic depression The Laurier Boom, 1986-1911 - Positive economic times for Canada - Growth in the Canadian economy, in industry and western settlement - More than millions immigrated to western Canada - No issues dividing Canadians - Peaceful, prosperous, optimistic times th th - 19 c belong to US, but 20 C belongs to Canada - Laurier personified what the great things the country would become - French Canadian but admired british institution, loyal subject to the British empire - Increase of 3 million people from macdonald period to laurier (1881-1911) - Dramatic increase of pop for Scandinavian, ukranian, jewish and Russian - Pop of aboriginal decreased dying people - African Caribbeans not allowed into the border - English-Canadian, adopt to the traditions and etc - Equal population in both the rural and cities from 1881-1911 - Regional distribution - Drop in ont, que and maritimes but increase in western Sir Wilfred Laurier (1841-1919) - French Canadian Lawyer and journalist Federal MP, 1874-1919 Liberal leader, 1887-1919 Prime minister, 1896-1911 - Won four consecutive federal elections The first Canadian - Embodied best of both French and English cultures - Acknowledged as best speaker of his time in both English and French, flawless - Sent to Scotland to learn English fluently, spoke with a Scottish accent
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